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A kiosk can give you the insights you need

With or without scanning, a simple touch screen kiosk can enable you to know who was in the building and their reason for visiting.

Automatic Registration Desk

  • Automatic Registration Desk. Visitors can scan their existing cards, or enter their details manually.
  • Receive notifications of arrival. Provide visitation reason specific instructions to visitors.
  • Track movement. In and out of a building or location.
  • Resource Use. Office hours / traffic patterns.
  • Alert. Notify relevant person of arrival to lobby.
  • In/Out tracking. Know who was inside a building or location.

Lobby Visitor

  • Can provide instructions to visitor.
  • Track visitation reason.
  • See resource use (Office hours etc).
  • Trigger email alerts to defined person.


  • Track the arrivals and departures of staff, students and visitors on one kiosk.
  • In an emergency situation you have a full record of who is in the building.
  • The kiosk can include a card scanner to read your chosen card technology, so that staff and students can scan rather than enter their details manually.

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Streamlined and customised kiosk interface collects information you need.

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