aPlus+ Attendance for   Canvas

aPlus+ Attendance integrates with Canvas to provide a flexible, comprehensive attendance platform which supports both simple and complex attendance tracking scenarios and everything inbetween. aPlus+ Attendance is an alternative to Canvas Rollcall.
  • Customize attendance statuses
  • Comments, allocations, time in/out, points
  • Options to automate attendance in Canvas
  • Separate timetables for lecture, tutorial, etc
  • Course and system level reporting
  • Easy and simple integration with LTI

Attendance Collection Options

Choose the collection method that works for you - we’ve got plenty of options. These can work together in a hybrid solution so that the most effective method is used for each class or department.
Instructor entry
Instructors enter attendance for their class on any web connected device
Smart scanners
Students scan their RFID contactless card card as they enter (and/or exit) class
Students enter unique identifier on a kiosk as they enter a location and optionally provide more details
Mobile Scanning
Instructors scan students RFID or barcode enabled cards as they enter a location
Self registration
Students are assigned unique codes at the start of class which they enter into their device in a time window
Attendance triggered by your LMS or other systems

Entry Point - Course Attendance

  • Access attendance from the Canvas course menu
  • Instant view of each student's attendance totals with access to this week's sessions
  • Optional profile pictures
  • Multiple ways to take attendance - manual, scanner (usb or wall mounted) or student self registration using unique codes and student devices
  • Weight sessions differently based on type or duration

Take Attendance

  • Record, view (or edit automated attendance), fast
  • Add badges that can be configured to affect attendance scores
  • Comments per student and per session
  • Record late arrival or early exit times (automate using scanners)
  • Allow admin staff to enter valid sick notifications in advance

Student Self Registration Option

  • Students can register their own attendance using the student portal. which an be linked from their canvas login, or your intranet
  • The Instructor generates a unique code for the session, and shares with the class
  • Students enter this code on any web device within a specified time window (geo lock optional)

At a Glance Reporting

  • Course level information available at a glance
  • See attendance totals, sequences, or by date range
  • View all comments in one place

Detailed Canvas Attendance Reporting Options

  • Powerful reporting and analytics tools allow you to report attendance as, and how you need
  • Schedule reports for email distribution. Share reports with other users
  • Viewable instantly onscreen. Email or download available
  • View attendance by student, course, qualification or department
  • View by day, month, week, semester, year or overall

Canvas Rollcall Alternative - Overview Video

Higher Education Buyers Guide

Become an expert on evaluating automated attendance solutions for Higher Education

Download Higher Education Buyers Guide (PDF)

This guide has been prepared based on our research and experience with attendance tracking technology options. In this guide we explore some of the key reasons for taking attendance in higher education institutes, challenges, and the technology options available for automating attendance tracking. This guide will be valuable if you're evaluating attendance automation options, whether you want to track attendance for your university, college or private training institute.

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