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Attendance tracking for your room, building, chapel or event

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Need to track who entered a bulding and when?

aPlus+ Attendance can help. Whether it be for simple for in/out tracking, or for correlating students or staff to a timetable; our system can help. Our aPlus+ Attend Core system is turn-key and gives you instant access to scans and reports - out of the box.

Scanners designed and built by aPlus+

Designed specifically to simplify student attendance tracking and addressing the limitations of rebranded off the shelf units you may find elsewhere.

Contactless RFID Smart Card Scanner
Works with most smart student ID cards.
Offline Protection
Smart functionality, scanning can continue in the event of a network outage.
Wi-Fi or Ethernet Options
Use existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet infrastructure. No infrastructure costs.
Scan management
Monitor real-time scanner statuses and scans.
Seamless integration
With our attendance software, or your existing attendance system.

Turn-key tracking via the cloud

Once your scanners are connected, Attend Core is already monitoring scans and providing you with insights about who is scanning where and when.

Discover the insights that Attend Core delivers

Modern web interface

Intuitive and responsive web interface is easy to use on tablets and desktop computers.


Built-in dashboards deliver immediate insights about who is scanning where and when

Drill down

Click through from dashboards to discover the more detailed information that you're looking for.

Scanners and Attend Core feature matrix

Feature Attend Core
Automated RFID/NFC Tracking
Standalone 'Smart' Scanners (No laptop required)
Cloud Based Monitoring
'In App' User Registration
Correlate Scans Against a Timetable
Powerful Reporting and Analytics Dashboard
Fast and Intuitive "No Training Needed" User Interface
Complete Auditibilty of all Activity
Fully Integratable With Most School Systems
Cloud Hosted, No Infrastructure Required.
Engineered to Allow The Fast addition of Reports
Use Cases:
- Meal Tracking
- Building In/Out Tracking
- Attendance by Day
- Single Class or Room or Building Attendance
- Chapel or Homeroom Attendance
- Bus Arrival Tracking
aPlus+ Attendance
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