Track Attendance from Zoom

Automate online meeting attendance recording

Works with aPlus+ Attendance for   Canvas
Streamline the recording of attendance from online Zoom meetings. Record which students attended your online session and their time in and out with just a few clicks.

Entry Point - Attendance Register

  • Simply click the button to connect to Zoom
  • Multiple Zoom accounts supported
  • Connecting to other online meeting platforms in development

Select your meeting

  • Most relevant meetings are shown based on scheduled start time
  • Select a meeting to view participants

Record attendance

  • Meeting participants are automatically matched to course students
  • Review the participants to check attendance and any non-matched students
  • Click the button to record as attended

Adjust and confirm attendance

  • Times and duration of attendance recorded automatically
  • Apply an absent status for students who did not attend
  • Manually adjust late or left early as necessary
  • Save the attendance
aPlus+ Attendance
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